How Singapore Is Transforming into the Digital Hotspot to Be Part of

In recent years, Singapore has seen a surge in the digital market’s growth. The Global Information Technology Report 2016 listed Singapore as the co…

Digital Hotspot

In recent years, Singapore has seen a surge in the digital market’s growth. The Global Information Technology Report 2016 listed Singapore as the country benefiting the most from investments it’s made into technological innovations, making it a digital economy leader – fantastic news for people with international digital aspirations!

This fast progression is leaving many Singapore employees now feeling under qualified with 84% of the workforce between the ages of 18 and 54 feeling they need to upgrade their digital skillsets to remain relevant to their jobs. This is in contrast to the global average of 64%.

A blast of government investment

The forward-thinking Singapore Government’s recent steps to support companies to ‘automate, drive productivity and scale up’ manual jobs has seen an increase in the demand for digital, tech and cyber skills.

Recently a Singapore fintech firm CCRManager Pte launched its first digital platform for trade finance assets, hailing a new era of digital development in the city.

With this need for digitally savvy employees caused in part by the government’s proposed SG$150 million investment on AI over five years, Singapore is fast becoming the number one spot for digital workers from across the globe.

This government initiative aims to act on issues affecting society and industries, hoping to synchronise with major scientific developments.

The budget stated that Singapore was “well placed to benefit from technological changes – our investments in education, R&D and digital infrastructure will enable us to seize new opportunities”.

After a number of ransomware attacks and recent attacks on Singapore malls, a renewed interested cyber security measures and personnel couldn’t come at a better time.

Both digital signage and and kiosk systems were said to be infected by the “WannaCry” worm at Tiong Bahru Plaza and White Sands.

Huge job growth plans

All these investments within digital could create an estimated 3,000 more jobs for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) by 2020, further underlining Singapore’s place as a key destination for those looking to take their career to the next level.

The city’s enthusiasm and dedication to the digital sector make it an infectiously exciting place to take your career.

As our 2017 Digital Salary Benchmark for Singapore shows, the demand for combined with the government’s investment of digital jobs are causing salaries to climb higher and higher, making working in Singapore digital a very attractive prospect.

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