UX Grads: How to Prepare for The Interview

It’s a tough market to crack, so here we offer some advice for UX grads attending their first interview…

UX grads

Well done. You’ve begun the search for your first UX job and have completed your applications, but how do you prepare for the interview?

Due to the expansion of the UX market in Singapore over the past year  – it’s become a huge point of interest across various trades and professions outside the usual design practices most are familiar with.  In recent weeks we have been sharing practical advice for UX grads, especially those based in Singapore. We’ve been discussing tips to help UX grads get up and running in the job market; this week we’re discussing how to do well in an interview situation.

The Q&As covered below are from genuine grads seeking assistance:

Q: What typical questions would I normally expect to receive as a UX applicant?

They could revolve around what products/services you have worked on and the value of projects. Are they regional, global, or local projects? How long was each phase of the projects and what were your contributions to them? How big was the team? Was there any stakeholder management that you were involved with? Was the end work impactful to the business and how was that defined? What are your strengths and weakness? Very commonly you could also be asked within UX, what you feel most strongly about and where you see yourself in the industry further down the road?

UX practitioners are naturalists when it comes to areas of empathy and sympathy as they want to improve the lives and decisions of others, so being able to articulate your thoughts well, is a great sign to the potential employer.

Q: What typical questions should I ask as a UX applicant?

Before the interview, it’s immensely important you do research on the business you’re going to work for. Use this information to develop questions surrounding projects that they are working on currently and ask what the company culture and work process is like. If there’s uncertainty around the scope of work for the role in the job description, use this Q&A to be as inquisitive about it as possible. It’s also worthwhile to question the growth path of the position in the organization/department.

While it’s unlikely new entrants to the job market in Singapore will be able to find a role through us, we hope to provide as much useful information to applicants by keeping abreast of shifts and trends in the industry. We’re also continuously building relations with academic institutions in preparation of talent immersion. If you’ve got your first gig and are looking to make the next shift, we’d be able to assistant in your job search more adequately so drop our UX consultant at the Singapore desk fanny.yap@cogsagency.com a nudge for a one on one session. Or visit the Cogs job board for new opportunities across the region.

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