UX Salaries in China – What’s Your Worth?

Welcome to our first ever UX benchmark for the China market…

UX Salaries

感谢您参阅我们针对UX 行业而调研的首份薪资标准报告。我们中国市场团队的专业人员广泛调研UX行业的薪资,覆盖核心一二线城市诸如上海、北京、深圳和广州,并提供广泛的背景参考因素及影响平均工资的诸多可变因素。

在中国,UX 及设计行业的规模持续可观地增长是毫无悬念的。在2016年十月,我们非常有幸被邀请及赞助了在上海举办的第一届中国UI/UX大会(http://2016.uiuxconf.com/) 见证了900多名UX专业人士、爱好者及支持者的出席。



Welcome to our first ever UX benchmark for the China market.  Our team of China market specialists have been working hard to collate data for UX salaries across key 1st and 2nd tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Offering quite broad ranges to say the least with many variables affecting average salaries.

What remains consistent, and what probably comes as no surprise, is the sheer scale of the UX and design community in China. We were fortunate enough to be invited to Sponsor Shanghai’s first UI/UX event in October (http://2016.uiuxconf.com/) last year which at its peak had over 900 UX professionals, enthusiasts and advocates in attendance.

While encouraging to see such a large active community come together the market is still highly competitive and the acquisition and retention of good UX talent is no easy feat.  Business in China is BIG and the demand for professionals in the UX domain is higher than ever.

Salaries (¥) indicated are a median of local SME, start-up, agency and client side for these positions.


VP of User Experience 120k +
Director/Head of User Experience 70k – 120k
Principal/Lead User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher 55k – 70k
Senior User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher 35k to 55k
Mid-weight User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher 20k to 35k
Junior User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher 15k to 20k

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