What is Your Worth in 2016? The Hong Kong Digital Salary Benchmark

Hong Kong’s digital development across the last five years has been hugely significant, but with a youthful tech focused population it’s no surprise.

Hong Kong Digital Survey

The creative and digital industries in Hong Kong continue to be important economic drivers as they strive to increase their innovation capacity. Looking back at our 2015 Salary Benchmark – we explored Hong Kong’s digital employment market, concentrating on areas of  talent shortages across emerging skill sets and discussing the preference towards local market hiring. This year we are continuing our insights, commenting on the current trends of the buoyant market and comparing the salary differences we’ve seen over the past 12 months.

Hong Kong’s digital development across the last five years has been hugely significant, as have the rest of the South East Asian nations, but with a youthful tech focused population it’s no surprise. That being said despite a “tech savvy” workforce, there remains a skills shortage with the more niche roles, such as UX researchers and QA’s and mobile developers.

The start-up community is continuing to grow in Hong Kong especially across gaming and mobile marketing. A recent $2 billion investment to boost innovation and technology means the market looks set to explode this year creating an array of opportunities.

In the first half of 2016 in-store retail sales have been hit hard and we have seen major retailers continuing to invest in driving sales online, so the demand for eCommerce related digital skills continue to rise.

Salary Summary:

Over the past 12 months Creative roles have seen a minor increase in salary with an average increase of around $5K per role.

Similarly, brand and client-side roles have enjoyed a significant increase, for example a head of eCommerce who would have commanded a salary in the region of $70-100K in 2015, can now hope to push up to $100-150K. Digital marketing roles, at all levels have seen a slight increase also, but not so significant.

Strategy and client service salaries have not fluctuated at all within the past 12 months, with client service directors to account executive salaries remaining the same.

Interestingly, social and content roles have not seen any change, which is surprising giving the growing industry, but this could be showing signs of an already saturated area.

Project management and production roles also appear to be growing, with a very slight increase of between $2-5K across the board.

Development roles have seen a big surge, with senior positions such as ‘technical director‘ increasing as much as $10K and while the lower tiered roles have seen smaller increases, the opportunities within this area are huge.

UX roles have unsurprisingly also seen a slight increase, but less than anticipated considering the increase in demand for these niche roles (around a $5K increase on average).

We talk to our clients and candidates on a daily basis and know that any salary listed on a job spec or on our benchmark is negotiable. There are a number of variables to take into account from skill set to type and size of company, number of years service, but also on time spent working in Hong Kong and on regional projects.

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Job Title Full Time Salary
(calculated monthly)
Executive Creative Director $100K +
Senior Creative Director $80K – $100K
Creative Director $55K – $80K
Associate Creative Director $40K – $55K
Design Director $60K – $90K
Creative Technologist $50K – $70K
Senior Art Director $30K – $50K
Mid-weight Art Director $22K – $30K
Junior Art Director $16K – $22K
Senior Copywriter $30K – $45K
Mid-weight Copywriter $20K – $30K
Junior Copywriter $15K – $20K
Senior Designer $30K – $45K
Mid-weight Designer $20K – $30K
Junior Designer $15K – $20K


Chief Marketing Officer $120K+
Marketing Director $80K – $120K
Head of Ecommerce $75K- $100K
Digital /Online Senior Marketing Manager $50K – $75K
Digital /Online Marketing Manager $35K – $50K
Digital/Online Assistant Marketing Manager $25K – $35K
Digital/Online Senior Marketing Exec $20K – $25K
Digital/Online Marketing Executive $15K – $20K
Product Director $75k +
Senior Product Manager $55K – $75K
Product Manager $40K – $55K
Business Analyst (Web) $50K – $65K
Web Content Manager $35K – $45K
Web Content Editor / Producer $25K – $35K
Social Media / Community Manager $25K – $35K
Digital Analytics Director $55K – $85K
Web Analytics Manager $40K – $55K
Web Analytics Executive $25K – $35K
Senior Data Analyst $45K – $55K
Data Analyst $35K – $45K


Head of Planning / Strategy $80K – $120K
Planning / Strategy Director $60Kk – $80K
Senior Planner / Strategist $40K – $60K
Planner / Strategist $30K – $40K
Research Analyst / Junior Planner $18K – $30K


Head of Social $60K – $80K
Senior Social Strategist $45K – $60K
Social Strategist $30K – $45K
Senior Content Strategist $60K – $70K
Content Strategist $45K – $60K
Senior Community Manager $30K – $45K
Community Manager $25K – $35K
SEO Manager $35K – $45K
SEO Executive $22K – $30K
SEM Search Manager $35K – $45K
SEM Executive $22K – $30K


Managing Director $120K +
General Manager $90K – $120K
Client Services Director $75K – $90K
Business Director $65K – $80K
Group Account Director $55K – $65K
Senior Account Director $45K – $55K
Account Director $35K – $45K
Associate Account Director $30K – $35K
Account Manager $22K – $30K
Account Executive $16K – £22k


Operations Director $90K +
Head of Project Management/Production $70K – $100K
Project Director $45K – $60K
Senior Project Manager $30K – $45K
Project Manager $22K – $30K
Junior Project Manager $16K – $22K
Senior Resource/Traffic Manager / Director $45K – $65K
Resource / Traffic Manager $24K – $45K


CTO $80K +
Technical Director $60K – $80K
Technical Lead $45K – $60K
Mobile Application Lead $35K – $50K
Senior Mobile Application Developer $25K – $35K
Mobile Application Developer $18K – $25K
Senior Java Developer $40K – $50K
Java Developer $30K – $40K
Senior Front End Developer $25K – $40K
Front End Developer $18K – $25K
Senior Back End Developer $25K – $40K
Back End Developer $18K – $25K
Full-stack Developer $25K – $40K
QA Lead $30K – $40K
QA Analyst/ Engineer $20K – $30K
DevOps Engineer $30K – $50K
System Administrator $25K – $35K


Director/VP of User Experience $90k +
Head of User Experience $65K – $90K
Principal/Lead User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher $55K – $65K
Senior User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher $45K – $55K
Mid-weight User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher $30K – $45K
Junior User Experience Architect/Designer/Researcher $20K – $30K


If you would like to explore the current opportunities in Hong Kong check out our live digital jobs or speak to one of the team today.

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