Not all Facebook fans are equal

This is my 3rd piece which I’m delighted to submit to Cogs Agency blog. In my last post, I talked about the difference between getting a Faceboo…

This is my 3rd piece which I’m delighted to submit to Cogs Agency blog.

In my last post, I talked about the difference between getting a Facebook Like and true advocacy from fans.  Shortly after, I stumbled onto this incredibly useful infographic (via FastCompany & originally from Moontoast) which looks specifically at fans & engagement.

When you’re a brand running a Facebook Fan page, it can be tricky to REALLY know who your fans are and what’s really happening with engagement on your Fan page.  For example, who are the fans hanging around your fan page?  Are all fans created equal?  Who is engaging with your content?  And most importantly, is there a way to get deeper engagement from fans?

The infographic shows that there are three ways that fans can like you by the three ways they can connect with a page: 1) by ‘Liking’ content or your page but through your brand website, 2) by ‘Liking’ your page directly within Facebook and finally 3) by logging onto your site through Facebook connect or a Facebook App (where you get the most info on the fan) – the three methods showing the increased level of connection with your page.


And according to Moontoast, there are potentially 5 types of fans ranging from the least engaged to the most engaged.  If they’re simply friends of fans who happen to just see a post from a friend, they’re classed as potential fans (there’s opportunity in them there hills).  And at the highest level, there are SuperFans…those who have bought from you, engaged with you and have advocated you to the extent of recruiting more fans who either Like you or even buy from you.

This almost gives you a segmentation model whereby we can create exposures for different types of fans to move them up the channel.  But it all begins with getting fans to connect with the page at a deeper level (perhaps thru Facebook Connect or through an App), so that we know more about them.  And the next step would be in providing rich, quality content & conversations which will genuinely get your fans to interact with you, want to share that content on further.  This also perhaps even gives us the opportunity to develop a reward programme based on the type of engagement given by fans.  Why not reward your SuperFans for advocating on our behalf and bringing in more fans?   Why not make it discounts for future purchases or other rewards for being so loyal and incredibly useful?  The more we know about our fans and the more that we can actually reward behaviour, the more positive an outcome for the growth of our brands.

@Samosaone Raj Samuel / Innovations Director / AMV-BBDO

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