The SEO and Digital Events You Need to Attend This Year

The digital world moves at break-neck speed and in order to keep your professional edge, it’s essential to keep on top of emerging trends. What’s …

Digital Events

The digital world moves at break-neck speed and in order to keep your professional edge, it’s essential to keep on top of emerging trends. What’s the best way to instigate affiliate partnerships? Are influencers still worth their weight in gold? How can you use analytics to best drive revenue? Attending digital conferences is a great way to have your questions answered. It also affords you the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the industry and check out new technology and programmes ahead of the pack.

At Cogs Agency, we’ve placed hundreds of strategists, optimisation managers, developers, social media managers and all manner of digital professionals in top-level positions. And we know that a curiosity for the industry and a commitment to staying informed is what keeps them at the top.

Here are our top picks for conferences to attend this year.

1. Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, 11th – 14th July

This four-day conference is part of the iGaming Super Show and features a jam-packed programme of exhibitions and 100 speakers. Topics covered will include SEO, social marketing, digital marketing, PPC and landing page optimisation.

2. Moz Con Seattle, 17th – 19th July

Moz started as an SEO consultancy and now runs amazing conferences for the       global digital community. Over three days, the conference will explore SEO, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, customer experience and social and content marketing. Speakers include real digital heavy-weights from companies like Etsy, ClassPass, Google and Microsoft.

3. Growth Marketing Summit, Frankfurt, 31st August

This one-day conference aims to challenge what you know about optimisation and provide insight into what your customer really wants and how to turn your strategy into revenue. This is a concentrated dose of all the information you need to ensure your business is heading in the right direction.

4. Brighton SEO, 15th September

“We started in the upstairs room in a pub and grew from there.” From humble beginnings, Brighton SEO has risen to become a popular and informative conference with true global reach. Here, the organisers are very keen to get away from common SEO clichés like ‘content is king’. Instead, you’ll pick up practical, no-nonsense tips for making your online strategy work harder.

5. Influencer Marketing Days, New York 25th – 26th September

If you already head up your company’s influencer marketing campaigns, then this is the conference for you. A panel of speakers will talk through the merits of outreach and onboarding, the legislative issues surrounding paid-for content and how to attract the best influencer for your campaign.

6. PubCon Las Vegas, 6th – 9th November

This conference incorporates advanced social-media training as part of its varied programme. This is expected to be one of the biggest PubCon events to date with amazing speakers, interactive sessions and major exhibitors.

If any of these conferences peak your interest and you think you’re ready to take that next step in your career, take a look at our live job listings today.

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