Are Project Managers Misunderstood?

What does a Project Manager actually do? Cogs catch up with Nicky Russell, Head of Operations for Anomaly in London.

Project Managers

Project Manager roles are hugely popular at the moment, but it’s often an area that is misunderstood.  The Cogs Project Management and Production Team chatted to Nicky Russell, Head of Operations for Anomaly in London, she has carved a name for herself in the industry and has enjoyed many a success in her career so asked her to share some of her best advice for Project Managers coming into the industry today;

“There is a big grey area around the role of Project Managers and what they do, and it will be different depending on the agency they work in.

The role has definitely evolved especially with our client needs and delivery models changing. Project Management is no longer a traffic role, that old air traffic controller model where you imagine someone directing plans to land at certain times; the new role of a Project Manager is more like a conductor of an orchestra, in that you read a sheet of music, and craft the sound. You can play a couple of instruments yourself to a high standard, however it’s about reading that page and bringing in the right instruments at the right time  to make something beautiful. You don’t necessarily need to know how to play everything, but you need to know how they sound and what they do in order to make it work.

So yes, there is a huge misunderstanding of project management at the minute but if agencies get it right, it is so crucial to their delivery model.

As Project Manager you must never underestimate the importance of energy, it really can make big difference to a project.

Be that person that everyone wants to work with.

Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions, it shows a confidence in yourself and a desire to learn quickly.”

The Team here at Cogs are working on a number of roles across Project Management and Production, where we are continuing to see the demand rise for permanent hires. So get in touch if you are currently looking for Project Management roles in London, Europe or even Asia.

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