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We love talking to industry folk. Trying to better understand how and why they started their digital careers. It’s always fun and always inform…

We love talking to industry folk. Trying to better understand how and why they started their digital careers. It’s always fun and always informative!

To kick of 2016 our very own Jan Thepprasits (Consultant – Client Services and Project Management) had a quick chat with Marcos Tsui, Head of Production for Greater China at DigitasLBi. In this quick fire Q&A session Marcos’ gives Jan an inside look into his journey….

(JT) “Can you tell us how you started your career within Project Management/Production and what has been the highlight of your career so far?”

(MT) “My very first start to PM/productions was when I first joined a small local shop which specialised in all round campaigns and events productions. I slowly moved on to in house marketing, PR agency and now with DigitasLBi for the past 4.5 years. My highlight of my career would be the past year, which my experience and growth expanded within DigitasLBi, and moving to the Head of Production for Greater China.”

(JT) “What advice would you give to someone who is potentially looking to switch from Account Servicing to PM?”

(MT) As a PM, you would need to be very detail minded as well as clear understanding of budgeting, timings and process of production. I would advise anyone that wants to make that switch to look into PMP for better understanding what is required for a PM.

(JT) “What has been the most valuable advice you’ve ever been given when you were facing challenges in your career?”

(MT) Keep things short and precise, don’t over complicate things when you don’t need to.

(JT) “What website and APP can you not live without?”

(MT) Tough one, I actually use a APP on a daily basis called Pulse, which syncs all my favourite website articles for me to read daily. Some of the websites which are synced in are Gizmodo, Engadget, MacRumors, Macworld, ExtremeTech, Popular Science, Ars Technica, All Thing Digital, and many more. Most of these are tech based site, which keep me up to date on the latest trends.

(JT) What are your hobbies/interest outside of work?”

(MT) I love to wakeboard, when time allows, along with hitting the driving range, you’ll be surprised its therapeutic and as well trains your concentration. Also I like to read, which Lee Child and Harlem Cohen is my current favourite novels. One very important bobbie for me is driving, it lets me feel the freedom of going anywhere and anytime I want.

(JT) “Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself…”

(MT) Before I started out in Marketing, I used to be a mechanic. 


Many thanks to Marcos for taking to time to speak with us and best wishes for 2016!

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