Junior Producer / Project Manager Job Description

Junior producers oversee digital projects from start to finish, reporting on progress to senior members of staff.

In the creative industry, a junior producer project manager oversees digital projects from start to finish, ensuring they run smoothly and seamlessly, while reporting on progress to senior members of staff. Confident decision-making and a sharp eye for detail, will be as essential as tactical thinking and clear communication. This role is client-facing, so the junior producer project manager must be adept at building relationships and willing to develop an understanding of the customer.

Reporting to the project manager, the post-holder will be responsible for ensuring all project work is signed off by key stakeholders, any issues are resolved and all feedback is noted so their work improves.

Typical activities
The specific details of a junior producer project manager role will vary, but common activities include:

  • Managing both small and large scale projects
  • Supporting and encouraging team members to maximise productivity and the development of skills
  • Ensuring projects stay within timescales and budget
  • Structuring projects and devising processes that ensure efficiency
  • Generating clear and succinct project reports
  • Engaging with creative teams to understand their progress with tasks
  • Liaising with clients and members of the creative team, to keep projects running smoothly
  • Presenting work to stakeholders for sign-off

Skills required

Every agency has differing requirements, so a junior producer project manager will need a wide range of capabilities,  including:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to meet deadlines
  • A  positive, enthusiastic attitude towards work
  • An understanding of both technical and creative processes
  • Keen organisational skills
  • Confidence to drive a team in order to get the best results for a project

After working as a junior producer project manager, to develop further, a demonstrable flair for managing people, making astute decisions and fulfilling client requirements will be expected. The role usually takes place in standard office hours, but some late and early working may be required at times of high volume.

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