New Resolutions and Beginnings: Digital Jobs in Singapore 2016 (Part 1)

In this two part installation, we’ll tell you why it’s a good start to look beyond your existing horizon for digital jobs in Singapore! We all kno…

In this two part installation, we’ll tell you why it’s a good start to look beyond your existing horizon for digital jobs in Singapore!

We all know it’s that time of the year again where we revisit and review our milestones from the past year and moving forward with future plans in the coming 2016. Rethinking of your next move across the career chessboard in the coming months?

Here at Cogs Agency, we’re always open to guide and assist you in looking out for doors of opportunity and making that informed decision before moving on to the next role!

Client Servicing/Project Management/Strategy

To start things off in this front line, we’ll foresee a spike up in roles heavily dependent on all things Social media. Titles running along the lines of Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Social Strategist and Social Content Editor will be a running theme to feed into the demands of social media led projects and campaigns in the coming months.

The need for stellar Client Servicing and Project Management talents will be very much consistent, in line with the ever-expanding accounts helmed by pure-play digital or integrated agencies in Singapore. Strat-led roles will have its camera time within the digital stage as more clients are looking at improving their campaigns via careful planning and analytical insights.


There’s constant demand for Data Engineers, Scientist and Engineers as data-driven marketing is what a lot of C-Level folks are thinking about.

Time to rise and shine, product managers and product-led developers! Long gone are the fussy and slow loading websites that shift you all over the place – single-page web app is the talk of the town! Smooth, easy to follow and to read web apps are what stand out.

The role of Creative Technologists will be heightened to bridge creativity and technology. Watch out for Technical Architects who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved with some AEM action as more and more brands are integrating to this platform.

Let’s Get Talking!

Hopefully, this observation from our conversations with a variety of key industry players and practitioners have given you much insights on your next career strategy. However, we always emphasise on your personal motivation and reasons to fulfil your desire for the next challenges in your career satisfaction.

Think you could offer a little more to fill in the demands of these roles mentioned? Drop us a note at with your latest dapper CV to spur this conversation and share with us on your career resolutions for 2016!

*Stay tuned for our second installation which will cover Adtech/Performance Marketing and Creative/UX~

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