Fully Retained Executive Search

Designed for:

Businesses looking to fill senior, executive or very niche roles, and needing to consider most of the available talent in the market.  Such commercially critical roles require an exclusive and retained search, securing our time to conduct thorough and dedicated research.

How it works:

Our global network includes specialists across the spectrum of digital skills, and relocating talent is core to our proposition.  Our search strategy hones in on agreed list of target companies, which we then map to create a long-list of talent.  We treat retained search as a project, with staged deliverables, timelines and process. Typically, we charge part of the fee to start of the project, another part when the first interviews happen and the remainder when you select a candidate.

Why it works:

Clients get full access to our search and selection process and a very dedicated approach to client management.  Top candidates prefer the idea of an exclusive and retained search, as it manages the communication in the market about the role and their application.

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