In-house and Embedded

Designed for:

Businesses predicting very fast growth and/or talent teams that need to augment their knowledge and networks in order to recruit people with the right digital skills.

How it works:

Your business effectively hires a Cogs consultant for as long as you need. During this time, the Cogs consultant works seamlessly with your existing HR and recruitment team to build your database.

We have different levels of consultants and they specialize in different areas. You can pay a day-rate based on the consultant’s level, or a monthly retainer with success fees for each placement. This is a managed service, including set SLAs for your in-house recruiter and an account manager in Cogs should there be any problems.

Why it works:

Our reputation is founded on a deep knowledge of the digital industry and the people who power it. Our consultants have an average of 8 years digital industry experience, which means even the more junior members of our team are immersed in the latest skills and trends.

Our in-house recruitment service can be scaled up and down based on your needs.

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