Part Retained for Niche Roles

Designed for:

Businesses with mid to senior, or niche roles to fill.

How it works:

You make an advanced payment on the final fee which covers the briefing session, job description, strategy document and projected time-to-delivery. We generally aim to deliver a shortlist of candidates within two to six weeks. The balance of the fee is paid when we secure a candidate.

The main different between part retained and fully retained search is that you won’t have access to the market map or long list. On the other hand, the advance payment ensures you’ll get more focus from your consultant than if you were only paying on result.

Why it works:

Part retained recruitment is a good value option for mid to senior roles. Pure contingency recruitment tends to deliver quantity over quality: you might see lots of candidates quickly, but these may not be the best people in the market. The part retainer means we’re mutually committed to the search, allowing our consultants to take more time to find the right person for your business.

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