Team Build Projects

Designed for:

Businesses needing to hire multiple people. Whether you’re assembling a new team, a new department, a new office, or just need to make several hires at once, Cogs can deliver all your recruitment needs as a  coordinated project.

How it works:

Even if we’re handling a number of diverse roles for your business, each role is assigned to a Cogs specialist who is plugged into the most relevant local and global talent. You’ll get a dedicated account manager throughout the process, setting up regular update meetings and progress reports. You’ll see fewer but better people, saving you time and enhancing your employer brand. No two projects are the same, so commercially our contract for team builds is tailored to your needs.

Why it works:

From a delivery perspective, team recruitment involves a lot of work: multiple stakeholders, interconnected and evolving briefs, lots of submissions and recruitment processes to manage. Managing all this within your business puts pressure on the already over-stretched current team, and using multiple agents leads to chaos. Cogs’ team recruitment service makes the whole process more efficient and less stressful.

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