Senior Strategist Job Description

A senior strategist knows their clients well and generates plans to ensure bring their brands and products success.

senior strategist

Working as part of a digital agency, the senior strategist plays a pivotal role in the strategy department and leads a team by developing and presenting strategic marketing recommendations.

Gathering key data that ensures strategies are well informed and laid out, a senior strategist knows their clients well and generates plans to ensure bring their brands and products success.

Writing clear and insightful briefs is an integral part of the job, involving inspiring and informing creative teams. Senior strategists have a passion for understanding the consumer and will encourage colleagues to feel the same. Solving problems with an analytical mind, will ensure strategies are productive and generate client satisfaction. Senior strategists thrive working alone and in a team setting, and help turn less experienced team members into skilful professionals.

Typical activities

Depending on the agency, a senior strategist’s role will change, but these tasks are very common:

–          Gathering data to develop well-informed and effective strategic plans

–          Researching clients to understand them and their objectives

–          Encouraging junior team members to learn and grow within their role

–          Producing inventive ideas with other members of the creative team

–          Writing clear briefs that inspire team members to create exceptional work

–          Analysing clients to uncover opportunities to stimulate growth

Skills required

A senior strategist needs a wide range of abilities, which will include:


–          A proven track record in the development of strategic plans to benefit the client

–          The ability to understand the needs of consumers and target audiences

–          Excellent written and verbal communication skills

–          The drive to help others succeed and reach their peak

–          The insight to identify problems and take measures to rectify them

–          The resilience to work across a number of projects and balance a work load

–          An enthusiasm for digital and traditional marketing

Working in an office based environment, senior strategists are naturally organised and analytical, with a practical approach to the work and a willingness to pass their knowledge to junior colleagues.

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