Strategist / Planner Job Description – What Does a Strategist Do?

Working as part of a digital agency, the strategist planner develops and presents strategic marketing recommendations for a range of clients.


Here at Cogs, we have placed planners, strategists and analysts at every level within top agencies and leading brands.

Working as part of a digital agency, a strategist develops and presents strategic marketing recommendations for a range of clients. Reporting to a senior strategist, and multi-tasking over a number of projects, the role is a busy one, ensuring quality is never compromised.

Strategists are the foundation of any creative project, and provide the team with information gleaned from studying markets for relevant data. The ability to think beyond a project is also important, as strategist planners must establish where any plan will take a client. Closely following a brief, accuracy ensures a strategist planner knows both the client and the target market, inside out.

Once a strategist planner has established themselves as a reliable and integral team member, they will start to create their own clear briefs, combining creativity with insightful overviews.

Typical activities

Most strategist planners will be expected to undertake a mixture of these tasks:

–          Researching and gathering date to develop well-informed strategic plans for clients

–          Examining clients’ businesses to get to know their brands and understand their objectives

–          Producing cohesive and intelligent plans to bring success to campaigns

–          Generating original ideas with other members of the team

–          Presenting findings to senior staff members and clients

–          Identifying potential problems and devising ways to rectify them

–          Liaising with senior members of staff to receive feedback and create improvements to strategies


Skills required

Every agency requires a slightly different skill set, so a senior strategist planner needs a wide range of abilities. These include:

–          A proven track record in developing strategic plans that benefit the client

–          A good knowledge of the media and how strategy planning influences it

–          Excellent written and verbal communication skills

–          The ability to make complex subjects understandable

–          The drive to be successful and perform well in all aspects of your strategic work

–          The flexibility to work over a number of projects and balance your workload


A good strategist planner will have an almost obsessive desire to ensure their research generates accurate and effective results. Often working closely with clients, it is important to give them confidence in your capabilities and campaign plans. Some working outside the traditional nine-to-five may be necessary occasionally.

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