The Women who Inspire the People of Cogs

Working in the world of digital means we are surrounded by incredible talent, many of whom are women. In this blog we want to spotlight these individu…

“In the future there will be no female leaders. Only leaders” Sheryl Sandberg.

The 8th March is International Women’s Day (IWD). Cogs, like many other businesses and brands across the globe mark the occasion every year, whether it be  spotlight articles on inspiring women in our industry or showing our support for women who are making an impact in digital.  In the past we have also considered how we can improve the workplace for women, listened to the women behind Cogs as well as exploring what it is like to be a women in today’s society. 

Working in the world of digital means we are surrounded by incredible talent, many of whom are women. We witness enviable skill-sets and incredible career journeys, it is one of the greatest things about being in this industry. But beyond business, we also get to see the women behind the profile, those doing passion projects for a cause they love, or hitting personal achievements they never thought possible. So what we want to do to mark International Women’s month 2022, is share stories of the women we work with on a daily basis that inspire us:

Eloise Smith, Group Creative Director Amazon EU

Liam has worked with Eloise for many years and watched her career flourish. Working with the world’s leading brands and experiencing every avenue of creative from advertising, integrated and digital, from start-ups to agency networks to in-house. Most recently, she’s Eloise uses her profile to support others in her industry and has been involved in projects and events with D&AD, SheSays and Creative Circle. As a mother of two, Eloise is a true beacon of hope for working mums striving to have both a dream career and a family – and is an avid advocate of the four day week. She also has a side hustle as a children’s author, publishing her first middle grade novel, Sister To A Star, this May. And did we mention she was once an Olympic fencer as well? Incredible!

“Careers don’t need to be about continual upward projection. As long as you’re learning and experimenting, it’s ok for your career to meander, zigzag or even rollercoaster.” Eloise Smith.

Maria Cadbury, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Commercials

Harry was introduced to Maria by a colleague and was instantly impressed. Maria has a proven track record of re-positioning and revitalizing digital media companies. Maria is presently working with Say it Now, an adtech and media business working exclusively in VOICE.  Maria was hired as an advisor and strategic partnership lead to launch Say it Now within the media industry. Clients include Bayer, Unilever, J&J, P&G, Honda, Pizza Hut, Subaru and many more.  They will have a global announcement of their Actionable CTV partner within weeks!

Maris is also the co-founder of Digital Leading Ladies, an informal and inclusive group that currently comprises 200+ of the most senior and entrepreneurial women in the digital advertising industry. The mission of Digital Ladies is Do. Love. Learn and they encourage members to share their experience, provide advice and guidance; and create opportunities for members of the group to be involved in events, speaking engagements and to work together.

“Actions speak louder than words.” – Maria Cadbury

Vittoria Millan, EMEA Marketing Manager at CurrenyCloud, 

As a fellow marketeer Charlotte has admired Vittoria’s work for some time. Originally from Sicily, Vittoria rapidly built her reputation in London as a problem solver for high-growth startups and scaleups in the realms of marketing, branding, communication and digital media. With a focus on marketing and communications, Vittoria integrates the latest thinking in diversity and inclusion strategies to enable scaleups to have the best conditions for growth.

In 2019, while working for RegTech startup Forte Markets, Vittoria launched Women In Tech Global, an events series and community highlighting leading women in the tech sector and male champions in the industry. In spare moments, Vittoria provides Marketing and Communications support for companies that are shining a light on women and underrepresented groups in technology. Her efforts to empower and inspire women in technology led to being named a winner of the 2020 Tech Women 100 award, an annual programme of recognition to celebrate and showcase achievements of women who have made a positive impact in the STEM sector.

Vittoria also mentors students that want to become entrepreneurs, helping them get a foothold on the ladder of a technology career. Her aim is to inspire, encourage and empower the next generation of talent to have a positive impact on society and on those around them. Holding an MSc in International Business and Marketing, Vittoria co-founded a blockchain-based arts authentication product, Munch Tech, in 2018. Following this she has worked closely with several high-growth startups based in Level39 – Canary Wharf, advising them in strategy and growth.

“I am a proactive champion of Diversity & Inclusion and women in technology. As my career develops, I intend to continue supporting women in their career development – mentoring, advising and supporting the women who will follow in my footsteps.” Vittoria Millan 

 Sinthia Shiu, General Manager China and APAC Charlotte Tilbury.

Selma at Cogs has had the great pleasure working with Sinthia, a truly an incredible individual with proven entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership.  Selma was impressed how Sinthia vigorously built Charlotte Tilbury business in China from 0 to 1, and admires her charisma, and her ability to inspire and encourage employees, as well as business partners.

Malala is the bravest girl I know. She has risked her life to fight for her belief in such young age. In a work environment, we balance all the dynamics and sometimes the decision might be just keeping everyone happy. Doing the right thing takes courage. We should always remind ourselves to be Malala. I also like Frida kahlo, she made her life meaningful both romantically and professionally despite physically disable.

We only live once, so better to the right thing for ourselves and others, as well as living with a meaning.” Sinthia Shiu.

Kate Okrasinski, Managing Director of strategic design firm MAKE Studios

Mark at Cogs has worked with Kate for a number of years.  He knows she can build a team with a strong collaborative culture and get the absolute best out of her team. In a client demanding position as Managing Director she finds the balance between servicing the client and protecting her team while building a healthy business.

“I am lucky to be in an inclusive industry where the increasing demand for service design and strategic design offers colleagues and peers equality in their ability to architect of our future.

The value of different perspectives is understood and reinforces the importance of all forms of diversity in designing our collective future.

Supported by active networks such as Women in Tech, Design Thinking Hong Kong, and UX Design HK , we are building a powerful community, instilling confidence, and creating opportunities for everyone. It matters. It is making a difference. Together, we are creative positive and desirable change.” Kate Okrasinski


These are just a handful of the women who inspire the people of Cogs, we work with so many incredibly talented individuals across the globe.

For Cogs, Equality and diversity is not a topic that we only spotlight one day a year, or even one month a year. It’s something we as a business strive for on a daily basis. It’s an ongoing challenge we work hard to address and become more knowledgeable about every day. Check out our article on diversity and inclusion.

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