We are living in very unprecedented times and employment for all is a concern. Cogs work with hundreds of amazing freelancers and know that you too, will be anxious about the future.

Cogs are still very much in your corner and for us it is business as usual (albeit remotely). We are in constant contact with clients about existing and new projects and will be in your corner to help keep you active and working.

While the current market changes will no doubt effect many businesses, thankfully being in the digital world many of incredible clients are totally prepared for any eventuality and are very much still interviewing (remotely) and looking to hire!

Check out our Contractor Survival Kit to put your mind at ease:

  • Freelance finance all you need to know : From day rates to umbrella companies and payment terms. Cogs freelance experts sheds some light on the freelance finacne set up to ensure you get paid on time
  • How to make your folio stand out: The freelance design market is busier than ever – make sure you stand out from a crowd with our guide to making your design folio pop for clients.
  • The best 3 Apps for Freelance Finance Management: Ensure you are on top of your budgeting and finances with one of these three excellent apps you can download today and keep control of your accounts and invoices.
  • Personal brand (stay at the forefront of clients minds) You might not even be aware of it but everyone has a personal brand and right now yours is more important than ever. You want to ensure your clients still know you are working and available and at the forefront of the digital scene. We share some advice on how to rise through the ranks in your professional life, with an excellent personal brand.
  • How to set up the perfect work station at home: We speak to hundreds of creatives  and we’ve learnt a lot about what makes a space perfectly optimised for creativity.  From maintaining a routine, to the temperature of the room as well as the clutter on your desk we share our insights into making your ‘work from home’ space as productive as possible.

Connect with the freelance team today to find out what the market is like and how we can assist you in future contracts.

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